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Handcrafted nerdy button up shirts for your geeky side that enrich your life and the communities that support us. We collaborate with artists that are both passionate and skillful, creating designs that you'll fall in geeky love with!

A man enjoying a day by the lake wearing a geeky science-themed button-up shirt for men, a unique and cool twist on the classic Hawaiian shirt.

Best Sellers

Top-rated styles by other geeks featuring classic games, iconic patterns prints, and geek-inspired art.

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A red hair woman wearing a video game button up shirt stands by a pool wearing tropical clothing. The cool button up shirt adds a touch of geeky apparel to her outfit.

Gamer Afterworld

Experience the magic of gaming patterns that express your passion for beloved games, including video games, arcade games, dnd, and board games.

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Two smiling men are wearing nerdy Hawaiian shirts with outer space prints. The cool button up shirts add a touch of geeky clothing to their tropical clothing.

Out of This World

Giving a glimpse of the beauty of space, these shirts feature rocket ships, astronauts, galaxies, colorful nebulas, and more with our outer space collection.

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A man wearing a printed dinosaur geeky button up shirt and exploring reminiscent from Jurassic Park.

Discover Your Geekiness

Get ready to explore our most vibrant and complex patterns that will get you to stand out.

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Feel Like Yourself

Let the Geek Out

Our nerdy Hawaiian and button down shirts are the easiest way to look your best at any occasion. Whether to be used as a cool patterned dress shirt for work or a fun geek shirt at a gamers conference, you'll find the perfect nerdy outfit that is themed for the occasion and will be enjoyed by fellow geeks. 

Geek Tropical

Geek Tropical is a print shop with a mission to bring nerds and geeks alike with comfortable and unique button downs and classic Hawaiian clothing. Each geeky print is made for you and cannot be found anywhere else! Each article of clothing is completely handmade from the ground up rather than screen printed on mass produced shirts. We do it for a good cause too!

A group of people wearing colorful Geek Tropical button up shirts are picking up trash on a sunny tropical beach. The shirts feature fun and unique prints including dinosaurs, outer space, and superheroes. These eco-conscious individuals are doing their part to keep the beach clean while looking stylish and comfortable in their tropical-themed shirts.

Geek Tropical's Charity Efforts

Giving Back

Geek Tropical is committed to supporting the community that supports us. Through the year, we are proud to donate funds to charities that work to improve our community through the arts, education, health, and environment. Your purchases aid and empower these projects. Thank you for your support!

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