A wall of button up shirts with question marks between them, representing the difficulty of finding nerdy button up shirts. The shirts feature various geeky themes such as Fantasy, D&D, and dinosaurs, and come in cool patterns and unique designs.

It all Started with a question

Why are geeky button ups so hard to find?

A man and woman are sitting with gaming controllers wearing matching video game button up shirts. The prints have gamer icons typically seen in a video game.

Made by Geeks for geeks

Who we are

Geek Tropical is a handcrafted clothing brand for your geeky side that enriches your life and the communities that support us.

Geek Tropical came about as we went on a search for apparel for our own wardrobes. We were sadly disappointed to find a lack of originality, color, and options in the button up space. As a result, we made it our mission to do something about it.

Why Geek Tropical

Breeze through the ultimate geeky paradise with our collection of comfortable and breathable button up shirts, featuring patterns that cater to every geek's interests. It's truly blissful to have shirts in your wardrobe that reflect your unique personality and passions.

Our core values prioritize sustainability, supporting small artists, and making a positive impact on charities around the world. By purchasing our shirts, you not only support artists and other geeks like yourself, but also contribute to a greener planet through our handcrafted-to-order fashion. We are dedicated to creating a welcoming and comfortable community for all geeks to join. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments, and we will respond as soon as possible.


Geek Tropical is happy to support organizations that aid our geeky community and our planet. During each quarter one of our chosen charities receives a portion of our sales. We donate to the following groups:

Stan Lee Foundation | Jan to Mar 

Geeks Out | April to June 

Coral Reef Alliance | July to Sept

Critical Role | Oct to Dec  

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