This is our return & exchange policy effective for orders after 10/31/2023. To see our old policy for orders placed before this date, please click here.

    60-Day Print, Quality, and Delivery Guarantee

    We offer a 60-Day 100% money back guarantee for damaged, misprinted, or faulty products or even packages lost in the mail.

    The 60-Day window starts on the date the order has been delivered. In only very rare circumstances will we ask for the inconvenience of returning defective products, and defective products may be kept or given away after confirming with our team.

    Our delivery guarantee covers lost packages once confirmed lost from an investigation from the carrier and a claim has been approved, typically confirming that the last package scan was at the wrong location. We will remake the products or refund orders that meet this condition. Geek Tropical is not responsible for any stolen or delayed packages or lost packages that were the result of an incorrect address on the order.

    Button replacement: In case products' buttons were damaged during shipment or during the first wash, we would be happy to mail replacement buttons on request.

    Returns & Exchanges

      Because we are a made to order company and create your order specifically for you after you order it we can not offer returns or exchanges. We expect you to understand the material used for sublimated products, shipment timelines, and the sizing charts to make sure your order will fit you correctly. 

      Our sizes are based off of U.S. sizes, and 95%+ of customers are satisfied with the regulaxed sizing (regulaxed has a little extra room in the chest area than true-to-size) for our button up shirts. In the case of a sizing issue, we encourage you to double check the sizing on the products received and check them against our size chart first. If the product falls outside of the stated tolerances, please reach out to us with images clearly showing the inaccurate sizes with a ruler. This is covered by our guarantee and may be replaced or refunded per customer preference.