About Us

It all started with a simple question: why is it so difficult to find geeky button-up shirts? In response, we founded a small business that designs or sources patterns for our handmade-to-order products.

As fellow geeks, we share a love for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, board games, video games, and Dungeons and Dragons - passions that inspire many of our prints. But we're not exclusive; we welcome geeks of all kinds and continue to add more prints tailored to other nerdy interests. Our mission is for Geek Tropical to be a clothing brand for all geeks, offering something that embraces and celebrates their unique personalities. We encourage everyone to proudly show off their inner geek and be true to themselves!

The choice to implement print-on-demand for all our products was a straightforward decision, given the significant impact the fashion industry has on the environment. By creating each item on an as-needed basis, we minimize waste and avoid participating in the "fast fashion" trend, which often results in the production of countless product variations that may never find buyers. Furthermore, having our own print shop allows us to offer our customers a high level of customization tailored to their unique preferences.

Another advantage of implementing print-on-demand for our products is the increased ability to offer a wider range of designs and product variations. With traditional manufacturing methods, companies must produce products in large quantities and limited variations, which can limit the availability of unique designs and styles. In contrast, print-on-demand allows for the creation of a vast array of designs and product options without the need for large inventories. This not only provides more options for our customers but also allows us to stay up-to-date with emerging fashion trends and offer fresh, new designs more frequently.

Our print shop is located in Vietnam. This is the best and most trusted cut & sew print shop that we have been using since the very start. We stand by their products completely.

We are located in Arizona where we ship our ready-to-ship and clearance products.

Product Info

Our shirts are made with Geeknit™, our ultra-soft, lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric designed for all-day long comfort.

This material is ideal for printing, allowing for beautiful and vibrant colors thanks to high-resolution and advanced printing technologies. The prints will never crack or fade.

Geek Tropical offers two different types of buttoned shirt styles: "Hawaiian" and "Button Down" shirts

Hawaiian Shirt: A classic Hawaiian button up closure and camp collar (also known as the Cuban collar) – a perfect shirt for everyday wear or business casual work settings.

Button Down Shirt: A more dressy look with a straight collar and button down closure complimented with a top button - great when you want to pair the shirt with a tie or for any type of event, casual or formal.

Geek Tropical has partnered with WAIR to offer a customized sizing experience for customers of all body types. By utilizing WAIR's algorithm and database of human body scans, along with feedback from customer reviews, product size specs, and fit preferences, Geek Tropical can provide accurate sizing recommendations to their shoppers. This partnership ensures that customers receive the best possible fit for their purchases and preferences. On the product page, click "What's my size" to take a short quiz to determine the recommended size for your purchase.

Our button down and Hawaiian shirts are a standard traditional regular fit. A regular fit size usually hugs snugly around your body while leaving enough room for comfort in the sleeves and waist.

Regular fit sizes are designed for the masses and often looser on the body, providing a classic and comfortable look. Those with a slender body type may need to consider sizing down; those with an athletic build and wide shoulders may need to consider sizing up.

If you desire a slim fit, you may consider sizing down but please double check your shoulder measurements against our size chart.

Click here to see the current size chart.

For personal sizing advice, you are welcome to contact us through email or phone.

  • Wash inside out and machine wash cold with like colors.
  • Use a gentle cycle and only non-chlorine bleach when needed.

Shipping and Delivery

An order confirmation was sent to your email at the time you made your purchase with a link to your order status tracking page. Please check your inbox and spam, if applicable.

Unless indicated otherwise, orders are handmade-to-order and have an estimated production time up to six business days.

If you did not receive a shipping notice with your tracking number after 6 business days of your order placement, please check your spam first and then
please reach out to us at store@geektropical.com.

When your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation
to your email or you may reference the order status page you received at order
placement for a current status.

It is normal to see a delay to the updates to your tracking numbers. Since our print shop is in Vietnam, many tracking numbers do not activate until they are physically received by the local carrier or post office in your country. For the United States, typically there is a 3-5 business day delay for the tracking number to
start receiving updates.

For ready-to-ship items, there should not be the same delay that exceeds two business days as we ship directly within the United States.

For current shipping information, visit our page here.

We appreciate your patience with our shipping times and are available at +1
(480) 255 6372 or store@geektropical.com for any
questions or concerns.

The price of shipping to the United States is $4.95 or free for purchases on orders $50 or more.

For countries within Europe, the price of shipping is $4.95 USD per item or free for purchases on orders $50 or more.

For Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, the price of shipping is $4.95 USD per item (due to price there are no free shipping options).

Items sent to international locations are dispatched under the terms of DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid), meaning we do not collect any VAT (Value Added Taxes). Responsibility for all taxes, duties, and customs fees lies with the package recipient. Your package may be subject to local customs or VAT charges based on the destination country. For details on your country's customs policies, we advise reaching out to your local customs office.

With our print shop, we have a few standard shipping options and we are using the fastest shipping method available to us by default. We may offer express shipping with UPS on request.

For any items marked as clearance or ready-to-ship, we ship in 1-2 business days with 2-5 business day shipping. Expedited shipping is available
when we are shipping, and you may submit an inquiry with us at store@geektropical for specialized pricing that meets your desired timeline.

Yes, we ship to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Note that official Munchkin and Tetris products are unavailable outside of the United States.

product is different from expected

As we mass produce handmade-to-order items, a couple of loose threads is normal. Simply use a pair of scissors to cut any attached threads and continue to use the product.

We ask for customers to accept a 10-20% difference between the colors of the product from what you see on your screen. Our print shop prints in CMYK, and as
everyone views on a different device and with RGB colors, it is possible the colors might differ slightly.

Please compare the differences and see if it exceeds a difference of about 20%. Any questions, please reach out to us at store@geektropical.com.

Return & Exchanges

When an order is placed for a made-to-order product, we pay for the materials and labor for the order to be produced so cancellations are generally not accepted. Unless you immediately reach out after placing your order and are able to reach us during business hours, we are unable to provide a full refund at a cancellation request.

For items marked as ready-to-ship, cancellations are accepted as long as we have not shipped the item(s).

For non-defective products, we do not accept returns as each item is made-to-order. Due to the highly customized nature of the products, any returns
we do accept are typically regarded as waste and are difficult to resell. This policy may change in the future if we are confident we are able to resell the returns.

We will always replace damaged, misprinted, or otherwise faulty products. In
the rare event you have a defective product, please reach out to us at store@geektropical.com.

Prior to requesting an exchange, we encourage you to first review our return and exchange policy as we have both ready-made and made-to-order products with different policies . To request a size exchange, please reach out to us at store@geektropical.com. Note that for made-to-order items, our policy only allows a single size exchange.

It takes around one month from the date you put the return in the mail for you to receive the replacement.

When we receive a return that is part of exchange, we need about 2-4 business days to process the return and enter your replacement order. As we are made-to-order, replacements have to be made from scratch. Once shipped, expect 5-12 business days for delivery (exchange orders have longer shipping and processing times).

It is typical for print-on-demand companies to never accept returns. This is due to the highly customized nature of the products and the hassle let alone the inability to resell them.

We're trying something different and hoping we may establish a system to be able to resell returns. Currently, we resell our returns at clearance and promise faster shipping times for customers that have a deadline and cannot wait for our made-to-order items to arrive.

You may reach us at store@geektropical.com or +1 (480) 255 6372 for any questions or help.

Custom & Wholesale Orders

We happy to have created custom designs for companies, and other organizations. Our customizations range from changing the coloring of a currently offered shirt to match your organizations colors, adding your logo, or a design from scratch.

Our minimum on customer orders is 10 shirts. Discounts are available for our bulk orders, and can be discussed in detail through email aloha@geektropical.com or call/text at (+1 (480) 255 6372.

Yes, wholesale quotes can be discussed in detail through email aloha@geektropical.com or call/text at +1 (480) 255 6372.


You may email us at store@geektropical.com or call/text at +1 (480) 255 6372.

Our customer care is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM Arizona Time if you need assistance.

We work for the weekends just like you do. Though we do check in sometimes, please expect a response to any weekend inquiries first thing on Monday morning.

Hours may change based on holidays and other celebrations!